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₹ 14900.00
<-> A special and unique combinations made without bleach or any skin damaging agent

<-> Remove all dead cells, blackheads and cleans cloged proce,the herbal infusions helps in replenishing and nourishes your skin leaving it smooth,soft,polished,brightand hydrated .

<-> Noval product with time tested herbal ingredients and synergic actionof Vitamin-E, Soya protein gives the facial .

<-> Soya protein gives the facial skinsmooth and satin texture and massaging which enhances the skin glows .

<-> A special preparation with apricot oil and clove oil which are the best skin lightening oils along with vitamin-E and AHA gives very good whitening effect on the facial skin.
An exceptional and novel mix made without chemical or any skin harming substance. It produces a porcelain perfect complexion and smooth texture for the skin. The revolutionary Whitening Facial Kit formulation is based on Vitamin E, Soya and a unique creation of apricot and clove oil extracts regulate the production of melanin and makes skin visibly fairer by reducing dark spots, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone.Soya protein gives the facial skin smooth and glossy silk surface and kneading which upgrades the skin shines. It acts against UVA and UVB induced stress and pigmentation resulting in a lightened skin tone.
Skin whitening cleanser:Special cleanser cream formulated with active herbal ingredients to cleanse the facial skin by penetrating deep in to the pores and removing all dirt’s and pollutants to make the skin cleanse and soft.

Whitening Scrub:Bees wax and Honey formulated with active herbal ingredients along with almond grits makes it a premium scrub to give maximum scrubbing action on the skin.

Whitening Massage Cream : Novel product with time tested herbal ingredients , the synergic action of vitamin E and Soya protein gives the facial skin smooth and satin texture Massaging with this cream enhances skin glows

Whitening Gel: Specially formulated massage gel to enhance the texture of the skin and makes it lighter and brighter. The fruit extract and vitamins helps to give good glowing and whitening effect.

Whitening Pack: A special formulation with apricot oil and clove oil which have best skin lightning properties along with vitamin E and AHA gives best whitening result on the facial skin.

Whitening Serum : Plant serum with vitamins gives the nourishment to facial skin and helps the skin to retain its brightness and softness
1) Skin whitening cleanser :Beeswax, Carbapole, Licorice Extract, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Water, Poppy Seed Extract and Glycerine.

2) Whitening Scrub :Bees wax, Honey, Kaolin, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C & E, Almond Oil, and Wintergreen Oil.

3) Whitening massage creem : Bees Wax, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Glycerine, Soya Protein, Rose oil, Grape Seed Extract, Licorice Extract and Vitamin C & E.

4) Whitening Gel :Aloe Vera, Orange Extracts, Cucumber Extracts, Rose Water, Vitamin B & C, Nutmeg Extract and Glycerine.

5) Whitening Pack :Betonite, Apricot Oil, Poppy Seed Extract, Clove Oil, Vitamin Oil, Kaolin and Glycerine.

6) Whitening serum : Plant Serum, Vitamin E & A, Almond Oil and Aloe Vera.
Step 1) Skin whitening cleanser :Apply sufficient quantity on the face and neck with mild circular massage for 3 minutes, then remove with wet cotton balls minutes remove with wet cotton

Step 2)Whitening Scrub:Apply on the face and massage gently to get the scrubbing effect on the skin to remove all dead cells. After that remove the particles with dry cotton balls.

Step 3) Whitening massage cream :Use twice daily on dry skin to attain a soft, fresh, rehydrated and younger looking skin.

Step 4) Whitening Gel :Apply all over the face in thin layer and massage gently in circular motion (clock wise) for 15 minutes.

Step 5) Whitening Pack :Followed by facial procedure apply Whitening Pack evenly all over the face and neck by mixing it with herbal toner or premium rose water, leave for 15 minutes and wash off the particles.

Step 6) Whitening serum :Apply with cotton on the face after facial process for better result.