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₹ 355.00
It is a unique formulation with beauty enhancing ingredients with Vitamin-E. It is best to brings out the natural beauty of skin by nourishing and whitening effects. It can be use as daily cream to protect the skin textures.
-Fair skin isn't a measure of excellence – we ought to praise the skin tone we are conceived with. Notwithstanding, the expanding contamination and the destructive beams of the sun make our skin wind up plainly dull, dry, and imperfect, also shades darker. As we grow, we see that our skin isn't what it used to be. Since anticipation, security, and repair are the main measures we can depend on. In order to remove the damaged skin which develops in the top layer of our skin, there are several Skin whitening products available in the market but most of them have chemicals compiled in it which makes the case no good. Thankfully, things are changing now for better, people are becoming more aware and getting inclined towards Natural, Herbal and Ayurveda products. Iza Herbzs Provides one of the best skin whitening cream which is 100% natural.
Aloe-Vere Spray Dried Powder, Aloe-Vera Distilled Juice, Badam Oil, Chopchini, Orange Peel, Coco Butter and Cream Base.