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₹ 410.00
Most effective formulation for nourishing , its conditioning effect gives lustre and prevent Dandruff.
Best detailing for supporting, its molding impact gives gloss and counteract Dandruff. Herbal Hair Oil is a traditional ancient Ayurvedic remedy for beautiful and healthy hair. This product gives you super delicate and smooth hair with its natural herbs and concentrates and extricates which detoxify the scalp and Gandhaka (a natural herb) battles dandruff with its germicide properties. Massaging into your scalp regularly (weekly) with this oil will help increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate healthy hair growth. With a few months of use, you will see your hair transformed into healthy, lustrous strands!
Gandhaka, Haridra, Kumari, Chitraka, Gulgulu, Doovra , Yshtimadhu, Saptama, and Sadhapala.
Apply Dandra oil on scalp, massage gently, and leave for 45 minutes . Then wash it off with Iza Amla & Shikakai hair wash properly.