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₹ 240.00
Pure neem, tulsi with essential oils and fruit vinegar lightens blemishes makes your skin fairer and radiant. Active Ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, provides anti-oxidant effect and protects your skin from harsh effects of pollution. Daily use makes your skin supple and glowing.
A burst of refreshment for your skin. Foaming gel with pure neem, tulsi with essential oils and fruit vinegar lightens blemishes. It unclogs pores removes dirt and impurities and keeps your skin looking bright and radiant. Gentle, hydrating Anti Blemishes Face Wash removes all types of pollution and dirt leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed after use. Perfect for oily and pimple prone skin type. It is a perfect Oil Free Formula. Our foaming wash provides daily cleansing while conditioning the skin around a pimple prone areas. The aloe vera juice, neem, tulsi, fruit vinegar and tea tree oil is a mixture of divine treatment for your skin.
Aloe vera juice, Neem, Tulsi, fruit vinegar, Tea tree oil.
Apply required quantity on wet face. Massage gently and wash off with water. Use regularly as and when required